We want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us here and we want to welcome you to the team!

We are very excited you made it to the Teamwork Program Blog and we look forward to helping you get off to a running start.

Now, this is just a brief introduction and we are not going to cover everything about this training in one session. What we’ve done is broken it down into bite size pieces to make it easier to fit into your busy schedule and also so you can come back and reference specific points of interest at a later time.

As the different topics are covered here (on the right hand side of the home page under Training), there may be a document that we may refer you to and those documents can be found on the right hand side of the page. You will also find a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page that we will continue to add to so that way you can get your most pressing questions answered in the shortest amount of time.

Now as we wrap this introduction up, I want to leave it by painting you a picture of what you actually have a chance to be apart of here.

Everywhere you turn these days, you will find more and more people that need to sell their homes but simply can’t. For countless reasons, people can no longer afford their homes and are forced to sell or face the bank taking their home through a process called foreclosure.

With the value of homes decreasing everyday in many areas, more and more people are left with no alternative or solutions, such as being able to afford paying thousands of dollars to real estate agents for their services. Now depsite the burning desire by many real estate agents to service those in need, they have families to feed as well and they simply are unable to provide services for free which leaves many people with nowhere to turn.

As real estate investors, we are able to provide creative solutions to homeowners even if they owe more than what their home is worth.

So as a property locator, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the eyes of those looking for real life solutions that work.

Right now, a homeowner is out there on their knees praying for a solution and you have the opportunity to be that answer to their prayers by helping us find them.

So although we can’t make a difference to the world, we can start in our own backyard to make a world of difference to one homeowner at a time.

Let’s get started!

2 Responses to Training

  1. I may have 2 potential properties, that I’m aware of, to connect w/you on. One is in Portland OR and one is in Woodland WA. Both of these owners are really interested in selling ASAP! There are a couple of others that come to mind, but I’m not sure of their specific status. I am very interested in participating in your program as a “house hunter” and I have responded to the craigslist/portland posting from Sean Hunt just within the last 30 minutes or so. I’m interested in researching properties overall and have learned a fair amount on my own learning curve. I do not have the nuts & bolts down yet.

    My work history is totally customer service oriented. I’ve sold everything from Chryslers to Mink Coats & I’ve been a BlackJack Dealer & PitBoss @ Spirit Mt Casino.

    I love to talk with people. Everyone has an interesting story to tell!

    I am a Portland OR native & know the neighborhoods extremely well.

    Thankyou for reviewing my email interest.

    Sincerely, Patty Burkett

  2. susan baskin says:

    I am curious as to how many leads might be in the Portland OR area?

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