Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That


Have you ever heard of Twitter? If not I recommend you read this

I just thought about a way that you and I can keep in touch better. It’s by using Twitter. It doesn’t cost you a single penny, plus I’m even including a “quickstart” set-up link for you from Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos… so you can get started in just a few minutes from now.
I am using Twitter to do all kinds of things like providing tips and tricks about house hunting, providing secret resources, helpful websites, recommendations, my opinions on random things and everything else in-between.
It’s a great way to send quick (only 140 characters) messages to each other. In fact, I think the best way to describe Twitter is like this.
Lauren’s quick definition of what Twitter is how it can benefit you?
Basically think of it like this. Suppose you had my cell phone number and you wanted to text me something really fast. You know…the same way you text your other friends right?
Well, when you just create a Twitter account and follow me (which is necessary in order to get the messages I send you)… We can see others text messages.
But… they are NOT called text messages on Twitter instead they are called “tweets”.
Does that make sense?
Steps (I want you to take right now) to Create a Twitter Account
  1. Go to:
    Read the “quickstart” so you know exactly what to do and get it done fast.
  2. Come back here and go to:
    Click on the “Join the Conversation” link and create a username and password
  3. Make sure you follow me by simply going to: and click on “follow me”. This way you’ll get my tweets when I send them out to you.
  4. Send me a quick “hello” once you create your account

Twitter is a growing communication tool and trust me when I say you want to get familar with using it right now so you are ahead of the curve. If fact, you’ll probably going to see it being used to help market and sell houses (so create your account now).


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