What Are Your Resolutions for 2009?

happy New Year

I want to take a moment to wish you a very safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous year in 2009!


Here is a list of the top 10 real estate investor’s resolutions for 2009:


1) I will clearly articulate what I want my real estate investing business to look like in one year and set concrete attainable goals to make it happen. (We can’t get where we’re going without a goal roadmap, so let’s chart it out)


2) I will follow those who have succeeded, emulate their successes
and learn from their mistakes. (It’s true. We all need mentors.)


3) I will stay focused on my core business and not get distracted by all the “next best things” (Just because an investment, opportunity, seminar, product, or book is exciting, informative, or hyped to the moon, doesn’t mean it is going to help in our specific business plans.  Let’s exercise some wisdom and maintain momentum staying focused)

 4) I will use the educational products and resources I have acquired before jumping onto anything else.   (Do we have unread books?  Let’s read them!  Unwatched trainings? Get watching. Unheard audio recordings. Pop them in your .mp3 player or listen using the Automobile University time when driving. Let’s apply what we ALREADY know this year, ok?)


5) I will prioritize networking relationships with others in the real estate arena, as it is people and not just technology or strategies that makes my business successful. (Let’s remember that the greatest successes are built on the greatest service to the greatest number…)


6) I will make every effort to attend at least one real estate investing seminar live event in 2009.  (This is a great place where we can forge lasting business relationships that add greatly to our bottom line)


7) I will wisely invest both time and money in my real estate business. (If we aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices, we probably aren’t going to achieve our goals. Time is the biggest equalizer we all have. I have the same time as you, as a pauper. The difference is what we do with it. And investing money in our real estate businesses can be vital – tools, technology, systems, education, marketing, office supplies, and more – all of these are vital)


8.) I will THINK BIG! I will THINK BIGGER! (The opportunity before us is limitless.  Let’s not be satisfied with small successes… let’s go for it!)


9) I will not give up! (Nothing happens without action.  We must never stop taking action. Take Massive action NOW!)


10) I will always “pay it forward”. (Let’s remember what it means to be a giver, in this season of giving. To sow a seed by helping others— and reap a harvest of better relationships, people served, and friendships made and renewed)


So what are your resolutions for 2009?


Let me know or post them below so I can help you achieve them and have it be the best year you have ever seen!






One Response to What Are Your Resolutions for 2009?

  1. novice101 says:

    I wish you well in the achievement of your goals.

    Happy New Year! Happy writing.

    2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

    We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Write to bring us together. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.


    Have a Great Year! Make a Great Year!

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